Advanced Bar Code Reports


Barcode readers are used at issue points to speed up the process of issue and return. Portables are used to perform remote functions away from the computer. The Advanced Bar Code Reports module provides the ability to print barcode labels and catalogs for use within your organization.

Pre-designed standard label formats are provided for commonly used labels. Labels may be printed for Employees, Items, Bins, Departments, Job/Machines and Vendors. In addition labels may be printed from a Library, which contains cheat sheet labels and also Generic labels which have no set parameters.

A Custom Designed Label program gives the added ability to design your own labels either from scratch or based on one of the pre-designed standard labels.

Laser Barcode Catalogs: Items, Employees, Jobs, Weld Rod Material and Vendors.

Data Enterprises is a reseller of Intermec equipment.

Currently support Intermec Barcode Printers: 3400, 4100, 4400, 7421, 8600, PC4 and PM4. Please contact us to inquire on specific model numbers that are not listed.