Barcode Equipment

  Data Enterprises is proud to be a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of Intermec hardware and related accessories, and is an approved Intermec Honours Partner.  
  Label Printers

ATICTS is programmed to control the printing of bar code labels internally. Both standard formats (provided with ATICTS) and custom formats designed by the user (allows any size label that the printer will accept) are acceptable, allowing for nearly infinite bar code configurations.

  Readers Bar code readers are used at issue points to speed up the process of issue and return. Depending on an organization’s needs, bar code readers may be as simple as a scanning mechanism connected to a PC for direct input, or they may be more complex wireless unit. All ATICTS functions accept input from a reader as though it was typed at the keyboard.  
  Portable Units Portables are used to perform remote functions away from the computer.  They are used to capture data from standard crib functions for later downloading. These portables vastly extend the range of ATICTS transactions, making formerly inaccessible locations capable of the same cost savings and efficiencies as ‘wired’ locations.  
  Please contact our Sales department for more information and specifications on the above hardware, as well as a custom quote.