ATICTS Base System

Crib Process Functions Main set of programs used by crib personnel to perform the daily functions required to maintain inventory of tracked items/tools.

Includes features for Issue and Return items/tools from the various cribs (issue points) in the system, Recovering lost items, Correcting inventory quantities and bins, Receiving new inventory and Inquiry functions.

Item & Equipment Functions

Maintain your Item/Tool and Category Master Files.

Perform functions used to maintain your items/tools; such as; change the status of an item, record inspections and place holds on items for specific individuals.

File Maintenance Functions

Item/Tools can be issued to employees, departments, job/machines are vendors. The programs to maintain the required master files for each of these identities are located here.

Security is of top importance to everyone these days. The system comes with an Administrator module that is used to setup users, data accounts and passwords. But, each program within the ATICTS application can be assigned its own security level. Those employees whom have access to the system are then assigned to the various levels.

To facilitate accurate data entry throughout the system, a Master Code File is provided to allow the site to setup its own codes for various fields/columns within the system. For example: Calibration Status can be as simple as "O" for Out Of Tolerance and I for In Tolerance, or you can add numerous others like "PBO" for Parts Are Back Ordered.

The ATICTS Base System comes with 1 crib, but you can still create synonym accounts for various individuals. The use of synonym accounts allows for customization of menu and inquiry functions within the system.


Includes many canned reports to provide information on Issued items/tools, Detail on transactions processed (including productivity and billing reports), Consumable (expendable) item/tool usage, Master files, Inventory and Contaminated (exposed to toxic substance and scrapped or set for restricted use.)

ATICTS comes with standard SQL compliant tables, that can be accessed from any standard ODBC based application, such as Crystal Reports or Excel.  You have the capability to design custom reports or DEN can assist you in designing reports to meet your needs.

Utility Functions

Purging and End of Year Processes

System Administrator functions to maintain ATICTS System based files, such as the System Control File; which allows the site to designate how they want the system to function and personalized menus by user, crib or site master.

Comprehensive Help

The Help documentation in ATICTS is very detailed. From the overview of each process found in the Contents section to the topics for each program, there is complete information explaining the application. Like any Windows™ application, the contents, index and short cuts allow you to navigate through the various levels of information.