Purchasing Processes

The purchasing module records the creation of backorders, placement of a purchase order, the receipt into inventory, and provides a view of outstanding orders.

Inventory is maintained on a per crib basis. Minimum and maximum stocking points are also set on a per crib basis. When the inventory falls below the minimum stocking level it is flagged for re-order and will appear on the Recommended Re-Order Report.
Ordering Process There are 2 separate Order Processes within ATICTS. One is primarily used by government sites and the other by commercial sites, but can be used interchangeably by either.

The main difference between the 2 modules are:


Allows for ordering one item at a time
Prints standard government order forms (e.g. 1348-6)

  Commercial Allows for ordering multiple items per order
Out Of Stock Requests Crib attendants may override the the minimum flag (or in the case where one is not assigned) and set a request to management that they are in need of additional stock. Or, they may make a request for a specific employee, department or job.
Back Order Process Some organizations maintain a stocking crib that supplies inventory to satellite cribs. In these cases if the Out Of Stock request can be filled by the stocking crib, the request goes no farther, but if it can not, then a back order is placed and this is sent on to the ordering process.
  • Recommended Re-Order Report
  • Budget Status Reports
  • Order Status Report For Fiscal Year
  • Purchase Order Forms
  • Open Order Report
  • Overdue Purchase Order Report
  • Items In Hold Status By Vendor
  • Product/Vendor Cross Reference Listing
  • Floor Request Report
  • Receipts From PO Audit Report
  • New Item Request Report
  • Back Order Report