Portable Reader Feature

Utilizing a portable bar code reader, this feature permits mobile check-in and checkout of items as well as mobile inventory wanding. Information is automatically downloaded into ATICTS files.

Portable Entry

Used during the Issue process. The portable entry feature allows the crib attendant to collect barcodes and quantities at the same time as collecting items. This information is downloaded to the server at the actual time of issue.

Batch Mode

The batch process allows for capture of data either from locations that have no network access, for use while the system is down or during high volume times to add another person to the crib without adding another license or PC to the crib.

Types of transactions being processed:

  • Issue and Return of items
  • Transfer between individuals
  • Transfer between cribs
  • Inventory receiving
  • Inventory of Cribs, Individuals and Kits
  • Transfer To and From Repair