Repair History and Cost Tracking

The Repair Module allows for complete repair history and cost tracking. Designed for Utilities and others who need to retire/scrap items based upon total cost history

Items are either scheduled for repair via the return process or via the repair process. While an item is in a repair status it may not be issued to anyone. Items may be transferred to a repair crib or vendor. The information pertaining to the actual repair is then entered into the system and the item becomes available for issue again.

The cost of repair over the lifetime of the tool is tracked. You may set a maximum percentage of cost of item to determine if tool is worth repairing. Thus allowing you to replace items before they become to costly to maintain.

The Repair program is used to record parts used, cost of material, cost of labor, individual doing repair, person and department to be charged with the price of the repair.

Maintains repair history (i.e. dates, costs and charges) for cost and trend analysis.