M&TE Usage Tracking

This module provides a comprehensive system for tracking necessary calibration usage data at the point of issue and return.  It is used primarily in a nuclear or aerospace industry that requires complete trace ability of the equipment.

At the time of issue the initial work order or job information is entered into the system and a traveler for the laborer to use is printed.  When returned to the crib the attendant will update the work order information that was collected on the traveler into the system.  In addition the crib attendant is prompted: if the equipment was used and whether or not a Post Test is required.

If a post test is required, then the system will deny issue of the equipment until the test has been completed and is recorded in the system as passed.  By tracking post tests through the system you provide a record that work prior to the test should not have to be re-done if the item should go out of calibration or be lost.

When a piece of equipment is found to be out of calibration, the transaction history is available to assist in conducting out of tolerance investigation.

In addition to the standard issue and return information tracked for everyday items, the M&TE module tracks Date Used, Work Order, Equipment ID, System, QA flag, Number of Uses and Value Used At.

Usage history on a particular piece of equipment is maintained indefinitely.  When the files are purged they are automatically archived.  When an Item ID is deleted (removed) from the system it is placed into a deleted file along with all of the history including both calibration and usage data.

Use of the M&TE Usage module requires the Calibration module also be installed.