Rigging Tracking

In addition to an Item Master record, the Rigging Master is used track data that is relative to items such as hoists and slings. 

Normally rigging items are inspected on a regular basis.  ATICTS provides the means to store the inspection history and inspection due dates; with reports on items due for inspection.

Used in conjunction with the Qualification and Safety Licensing Module; ATICTS gives you the ability to insure that only trained people are able to check out the proper equipment to perform important operations within your facility.  During the issue (check out) process all capacity and date information is displayed to the screen to insure that the proper equipment is being issued.

In normal operation those individuals that are over limit or have delinquent equipment would not be allowed to checked additional items/tools.  By flagging items such as 'safety harnesses" as safety equipment issue of such equipment will continue unhampered.