Automated Tool Inventory Control and Tracking System

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Annual User Conference

Each year, Data Enterprises offers a three-day training conference at a nominal cost, exclusively for current ATICTS customers.

We schedule exciting classes and topics, including release updates and software training in lecture and hands-on formats to encompass both technical and end-user staff. Next is the hands-on computer training: during this, each attendee has their own computer for the day to facilitate learning, and allow trainees to gain proficiency in ATICTS at their own level and speed. We offer hands-on time for attendees to bring ATICTS questions and challenges specific to their specific situation, as our technical experts will spend time providing individual organizational solutions.

On the hardware side, we highlight demonstrations of bar-code hardware, designed to optimize each organization’s ATICTS usage and cost savings. Interested participants get to see and use the scanners and printers, and learn about the hardware’s application for their individual situations.

Data Enterprises has a unique philosophy among software manufacturers: we actively encourage ATICTS users to interact with other ATICTS users, learning from one another how ATICTS has been used to solve problems, save money, and reduce personnel time.  To that end, we provide time for active networking, as well as providing attendees with contact information for their fellow participants, so that they may keep in touch to continue to act as resources for utilizing ATICTS to its fullest potential.

Needless to say, our annual conference is highly anticipated each year. We send upcoming conference notices to current ATICTS customers several months in advance to enable advance planning for our customers. We look forward to seeing you there!