Automated Tool Inventory Control and Tracking System

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The Automated Tool Inventory Control and Tracking System (ATICTS) is the answer for complete Tool and Measuring Equipment control.

  • Facilitates rapid check-in and checkout of tools, fixtures, parts, and perishable items with complete data capture via bar codes.
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting by employee of tool and perishable usage, loss, and breakage. Automatic generation of overdue/over limit notifications.
  • On-line locate and find capability for all items.
  • Complete security at all menu items to guarantee that only those who are approved have access to important data and features.
  • Automatic notification of desired Minimum/Maximum inventory violations.
ATICTS may be purchased as an entire package or in optional modules. Please refer to our ATICTS Modules page for further detail on the ATICTS product and the modules that are available.
Web Enablement
The Web Enablement Module is an enhancement to ATICTS that is available separately. The web based application is written to work in conjunction with the standard ATICTS Windows based application. The functions within the web module are primarily viewing, with some additional requesting type modules.
The Deployable Module is an add-on to ATICTS that combines the power of ATICTS with the flexibility of making your system portable. It is designed to function on laptop PC’s in order to provide ATICTS capabilities in mobile environments via data capture, uploading and downloading data and files to the main system.
Barcode Equipment

ATICTS utilizes bar coding capability throughout the system to speed entries and decrease costs by shortening employee time required per transaction. Bar coding is not only faster and cost-efficient, it is more accurate, reducing the potential for errors as entries are hand-transferred from file to file. For more information on hardware that complements ATICTS, please click here.