Automated Tool Inventory Control and Tracking System

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Web Enablement

The Web Enablement Module is an enhancement to ATICTS that is available separately. The web based application works in conjunction with ATICTS. The functions within the web module are primarily viewing, with some additional requesting type functions.

Issued Inquiry

This inquiry reports on material currently issued in the ATICTS system based on either an individual (e.g. employee), department, organization or group. Options to limit the display to only delinquent, over limit, due for calibration or due to be inventoried are included.

Item Inquiry

This process uses a variety of search methods and cross-references for a fast and flexible way to determine location, status and other information about Items or Categories. Using a group search such as Word or Phrase will display a complete list of all items and/or categories assigned to that group. Once a listing of similar Items or Categories is displayed, an option to review the information about a specific item is available via a link. Specific detailed information about the item (including images and documentation (i.e., PDF's) can be viewed.


These inquiries let you inquire on Kits or Template information. Kits are considered unique items that reside in crib inventory. They consist of individual items that once placed in the kit, are tracked as a single entity. The contents of a kit and related information concerning its status may be viewed. Templates serve as a picking list for the creation of similar kits. Options exist to list all templates or view the contents of a specific one.


These inquiries display Inventory, Employee and Consumable Usage information.

New Item Request

This enables the Purchasing department or Crib managers to be notified that material or instruments not currently stocked in any ATICTS Crib are needed.


Employees are able to request to replace Worn or Broken items residing in an issued Kit. This process notifies the appropriate personnel so that the Item can be prepared for pickup at a specified Crib.


This process is a means to notify the Crib that Items are needed in the near future, and that material is to be reserved. This Reservation may be a regular task or a one time request to reserve the use of an Item. Additionally, the reservation may be based on an existing Kit Template or a group of Items not associated with the Kitting Module within ATICTS.

Ship and Receive

The Shipping/Receiving module is used in conjunction with the reservation module. When non-local sites within your organization request material, this function provides for tracking the material both while it is en route to you and when you ship back to the 'loaning' site. Reports and automated emails allow ATICTS to inform you of the status of these shipments. This reduces phone calls and email between the two parties and speeds work.

Drawing and Part Inquiry

In some operations, drawings are used extensively. These drawings specify the Part Numbers used to create whatever the Drawing applies to. In the ATICTS system you may specify the Drawing Number and list what material in the system is used on that Drawing. Once the Drawing relationships have been created you may then attach the Drawing Numbers to the finished goods. Materials specified in the Drawing may be tools, accessories or supplies required to build the Drawing item or may be the actual material required to construct the finished goods.

User Links

Allows you to setup links to other web pages that are helpful in the management of tools and materials. These web pages may be internal, on the company intranet, or external, at outside web sites. These will typically be vendor sites and sources of information and procedures.

General Feedback

This page is used to communicate with the internal administrator of the ATICTS Web application. It may be used for any purpose required: suggestions on operation, questions about content, questions about operations, etc.